An Scéalaí

An Scéalaí (The Storyteller)


Steel with multi-tone patina and cast iron,
9’h x 2′w x 3’d.

This piece has been purchased by the City of Chattanooga, TN and can be seen as part of their downtown public art collection.

We are a tribe of storytellers. Since the beginning of time, we have told the stories of those who came before us. Stories of hopes and fears, adventure and triumph, mystery and tragedy. These stories connect us to our past, guide us toward our future, and remind us of that which we hold dear.

Just as our people tell stories, so do our objects and our art. Like the megalithic monuments erected by peoples long since gone, An Scéalaí (the Storyteller) tells her own story. Tall, imposing, with midnight hues and ancient Celtic motifs, she pays homage to the past, evokes an air of mystery, and speaks of a language lost. She challenges you to gaze deeply into her mottled patina and ask yourself, what stories do you have to tell?

In progress: