Standing Stones

Steel, concrete,
67” h x 21″w x 19″d and 73”h x 21” x 19”.

These pieces can currently be seen in Huntsville, Alabama as part of the Spaces Public Art Exhibition.

Years ago while on holiday in Ireland, my wife and I where searching out stone circles and standing stones in County Kerry, based on little red dots found on an Ordinance Survey map. One dot took us to the edge of an obscure field where we found a little clearing featuring several Ogham stones – standing stones that have an ancient Celtic script called Ogham (pronounced Ohm) etched into them. Standing Stones I is inspired from this find. I worked to capture their simple, elegant form while celebrating the uniqueness of each with the use of color. Each three-sided steel obelisk top features a distinctive patina and sits on a concrete base with Ogham letters carved into it.