The Wishing Stone

The Wishing Stone

Steel, concrete, and cast iron.
6’9″h x 24″w x 24″d.

This piece can currently be seen in Brevard, NC, at the Haen Gallery.

In cultures throughout the world, natural objects with holes or gaps pierced through them have been believed to hold magical properties, bring good fortune, and grant wishes. A coin inserted into a tree above a holy well in Ireland will heal, a desire written on a slip of paper and tucked into the crack of a wall in the Middle East will be granted, and stones in England will cure medical ailments if one climbs through their holes

This piece, The Wishing Stone, is a contemporary interpretation of this concept. Created as a subject of meditation, the flat black provokes mystery while the gloss black of the face encourages introspection. The Wishing Stone is a place to ask for the things you most desire or need. It is intended to prompt reflection that guides the viewer to a dedicated action and purposeful intention.

The front of this piece is cut into an ogham inscription (an ancient Celtic script) that reads “mian,” the Irish word for “wish.” What is your wish? What does your heart desire and where does your mind wander when you take time to reflect? What would you write on your slip of paper and tuck into a space, hoping for fulfillment? Perhaps the ancient world isn’t the only source for wisdom and we can find inspiration in the modern.